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The farm is located in the low Monferrato, Incisa Scapaccino.
The great passion for breeding comes from afar, it is three generations
that the family has been farming of cattle and pigs Piemontese breed our own.
First with his grandfather and his son Carlo and Guglielmo and Simona today continue this adventure with professionalism and experience. The farm Bigatti you chose to breed by nature, this involves great effort, but enormous satisfaction in terms of wholesomeness of the product. The company's strengths are threefold:


That 's why we can afford to say that we can find true small chain, from producer to consumer.


Breeding is closed-loop and this guarantees the consumer the highest quality of the meat.The feeds are homemade and are merged company: bran, corn, barley, beans and hay flocked.All our animals are raised in the open air, so the normal alternating periods spent in the barn.

Point of Sale

At the point of sale you can buy all the pieces of meat of cattle and pig Piedmont.Specialities: Piedmontese beef sausages and pork sausage nostrano.E 'can also ask for treatment, "vacuum" to better preserve and for several days the meat purchased.All products are homemade and 100% natural.

Book by calling 0141-74235

Family Offer

The Farm Bigatti also means savings, as well as the quality and authenticity of the meat.In this section you can see and compare the offers for the family. Remember that you can require treatment "under vacuum" and optimize costs by buying a quarter of Fassone Piemntese.

Family Pack

5/10 Kg.
1 Kq Fettine
1 Kg Arrosto
1 Kg Tritato
1 Kg Spezzatino
1 Kg Bollito con osso