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A nice idea for your moments of relax!

One, two, three, and the grill is ready!

1) Phones to 0141 74235 and book the grid and your house. You can also communicate with the cuts of meat you want to find when you arrive. The reservation is not required, but it is a good idea to avoid the risk of coming home with the grid in the bag ..!
2) When you get to Agrigriglia you can arrange your things in the house and entering the store for the choice of your favorite meat: pork chops, steaks, kebabs, tenderloin, ribs etc..
The meat will be prepared in convenient trays to take to your table.
3) From Agrigriglia you forget matches, charcoal and struggles with the wind to start the fire ... gris immediately because everything is already ready. You just have to cure your liking the intensity of the grid and put to cook the meat. In fact, the staff of the farm you will find on the grid and all ready.


Access to the area is subject to the purchase of what is necessary for the grid (chops, steak, kebabs, thread, ribs, etc ...) at the farm shop.

It 'requires a contribution of two Euros per person to cover the supply of charcoal, tablecloth and dishes.

The tools required for cooking the meat are available free of charge (deposit of ten euro).


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